How Make Liquid Organic Fertilizer

How To Make Liquid Organic Fertilizer ?

Just like we need a tonic once in a while to get over the stress and rigors of life, so do plants. Using liquid organic fertilizer will not only help to take in the nutrients from the soil, the fertilizer will also enhance the quality of the soil. Usually, when people use liquid organic fertilizers, it is recommended that the plants be fed on a weekly basis. (See Reference 1) Instead of opting for expensive liquid organic fertilizers available in the market, you can make your own.

This fertilizer will help to increase the yield from vegetable plants and also help to enhance the flavor of the vegetables.

How to make liquid organic fertilizer? It is not at all difficult to make this fertilizer and it hardly takes a few minutes. However, once you have made it, the fertilizer needs to mature and that time duration runs to around 30 days. (See Reference 1) Once the liquid fertilizer matures, it will have a pale yellow color. If the color is darker, it means that the fertilizer is too strong and needs to be diluted.

For making the liquid fertilizer, you require a big plastic container that has a lid that fits the container tightly. The container should not have been used for storing any chemicals or other toxic ingredients. (See Reference 1)

You can use just about anything from your garden to make the liquid fertilizer. Even the weeds that you pull out from the garden can be used to make the brew. These weeds contain nutrients that can help replenish the nutrient content of the soil. Additionally, you can use dandelions, yarrow and wire weed to ensure that the soil contains the nutrients that have managed to filter down to the subsoil. (See Reference 1) You can even use kitchen scraps to make the fertilizer. (See Reference 2)

Take the kitchen scraps like vegetable peels and other raw vegetable discards, and weeds and put them into the container. Then cover the ingredients with water. Allow this mixture to ferment until every ingredient is fully broken down. (See Reference 1) In order to break the ingredients before the fermentation process, use a blender. You can also add some Epsom salts and ammonia. (See Reference 2)

Alternatively, you can also use fish scraps and then cover them with water until the scraps decompose completely. Make sure that lid is tightly closed to prevent flies and odor from leaking out. (See Reference 1)

It will take around a month for the liquid fertilizer to get ready. If the fertilizer has a pale yellow color, use it on its own for the plants. However, if the fertilizer has a deep yellow color, ensure that you dilute it and then use it. (See Reference 1)

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