How To Make Liquid Fertilizer  

       Liquid fertilizer is an excellent way to provide nutrients and trace elements to your plants. Liquid fertilizer is like tonic that increases and maintains the fertility of the plants. You can easily make a liquid fertilizer in a cheap and effective way.

        In order to make a liquid fertilizer, you should know the types that are easy to make. They are as follows:

  • Liquid fertilizer from green plants
  • Liquid fertilizer from animal manure
  • Liquid fertilizer from urine

         In this article, we will only concentrate on how to make liquid fertilizer using fresh and succulent green plants.

How to make liquid fertilizer:
        You can easily make a liquid fertilizer from green plants. For this you have to collect a variety of healthy green plants. You can use leaves, weeds, grass to give you a nice brew of nutrients. The weeds will have plant nutrients stored from previous efforts of fertilizing. Trees tend to be deep-rooted compared to flowers and vegetables. Hence, they pull a combination of different minerals. Using their leaves will enrich your liquid fertilizer. You can also try adding comfrey into your liquid fertilizer as it is high in nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

        When you make liquid fertilizer at home, it will usually contain grass, leaves, weeds or anything else that can be pulled by hand. The pull by hand is important as you will ensure that just the best and the most succulent ingredients go into the fertilizer. If your liquid fertilizer is too acidic, you can add lime or wood ash.

        Take a bin, and put all the green things into it while they are still fresh. Then fill the bin with water and leave it. In warm weather, your liquid fertilizer will be ready in a month. However, you will know when the liquid fertilizer is ready. Initially, the mix will froth and have bubbles. It will also have a strong agricultural smell. Once you get a barnyard smell from the mix, you know that your liquid fertilizer is ready. Another sign that it is ready is rat-tailed weevils floating on top of the mix.


         Before using the mix, make sure you dilute it until it is the color of wet tea and you use the diluted mix to boost the growth of your plants.

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