When To Apply Fall Fertilizer To Lawn ?  

If you have a lawn in your garden, then you will definitely want to know when to apply fall fertilizer to the lawn. It is important that you understand the importance of using fertilizer in fall. The fertilizer will help to boost the health of the grass and root system so that the grass is able to survive and sustain itself until the following spring. (See Reference 1)

The fertilizer should contain nitrogen as it helps to promote the growth of the grass, phosphorus to improve the health and growth of the root system; and finally potassium to improve the working of the cells and enhance the ability of the grass to absorb trace elements. (See Reference 1)

The best time to apply fertilizer during fall to your lawn is in the month of September. This is the time when the grass is getting its strength back from the hot summer months and coming out the dormancy caused due to the drought like summer months. By applying fertilizer in September to your lawn, you will be giving the grass a much needed dose of nitrogen, and this will promote growth. Try to use a 20-8-8 fertilizer that has high nitrogen content. Make sure that you read the label carefully on how to apply the fertilizer. (See Reference 1) Some like to treat the grass for weeds and pests. However, it is better to stick just to the fertilizer if there is no visible problem with your lawn.

Once you finish the first application of fertilizer in the month of September, begin preparing for the next application. The second application should take place either towards the end of October or beginning of November. At this time, the ratio of the nutrients will change and you should be looking to apply a 13-25-12 fertilizer. (See Reference 1) The high levels of phosphorus in the fertilizer will encourage the growth of the roots and this will allow the roots to attain proper strength before onset of winter. When spring comes, the grass will turn green quicker because of a strong root system. (See Reference 1) You will also ensure that the grass in your lawn is equipped to handle winds and drought conditions with the second application of fertilizer during fall.

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When To Apply Fall Fertilizer To Lawn


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