What Can Replace Chemical Fertilizers

What Can Replace Chemical Fertilizers ?

The use of chemical fertilizers is not advised as they tend to cause groundwater pollution and alter the pH levels of the soil. In addition, over prolonged periods of time, the chemicals within the fertilizers can make their way into the vegetables and fruits, thus causing harmful effects on the body. Hence, it is important to find out what can replace chemical fertilizers and use those alternatives instead.

Manure is considered as a good replacement for chemical fertilizers. There are many nutrients in manure that are beneficial for plant growth. These nutrients are released gradually and hence they are always present in the soil for the plants to absorb. However, avoid manure that has high salt content as they can be harmful to plants. Hence, manure should not be used for soils that are already salty. (See Reference 1)

All home have kitchen leftovers and leaves and twigs from their gardens. These can be used to make compost and the resultant compost can be used instead of chemical fertilizers. Compost is highly beneficial for the soil as it helps to improve the texture of the soil by facilitating drainage, allowing the soil to retain nutrients and improves the aeration of the soil. A compost pit can be made in any backyard without too much expense or effort. (See Reference 1)

Organic matter like lawn clippings, dropped leaves and plant trimmings can be used instead of chemical fertilizers to increase the nutrients in the soil. However, in addition to organic matter compost should also be used as organic matter does not replenish the nutrients completely. (See Reference 1)

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