Is Horse Manure Good For Lawns

Is Horse Manure Good For Lawns ?

You will hear many gardeners praising horse manure and about how good it is to fertilize lawns. Most of these people want to find a source of horse manure because they have vague memories of their grandparents using the manure to grow a bounty of flowers in the lawn. (See Reference 1) Some may have also read in books that claim that horse manure is an excellent fertilizer for lawns. However, the question asked by skeptics is whether horse manure good for lawns.

There is no concrete evidence to show that horse manure actually improves the yield and is better than commercial fertilizer. Also, it is rather inconvenient to apply this manure as a gardener will find it a tedious process. There no precise method to check the levels of nutrients in the manure as the nutrients and organic matter present in the manure will depend on the feed that horse is given, the weather, the water the horse drinks, the quality of the drinking water and the chemical reaction taking place in the digestive system. (See Reference 1) Hence, using horse manure without knowing the levels of nutrients, organic matter and minerals can end up damaging your lawn. You may end up over-fertilizing the lawn and this could damage the grass, or you may end up under-fertilizing and this could kill the grass.

While horse manure is used in compost heap and provides nutrients and organic matter to the compost, one cannot necessarily say that horse manure is good for lawns. If you are looking for natural and organic fertilizer for your lawn, it would be better if you try some other kind of organic fertilizer, like corn gluten meal rather than horse manure. (See Reference 1)

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