Manure Advice For Use In Gardens

Manure Advice For Use In Gardens

If you want to use organic fertilizer in your garden, you would definitely need some manure advise for use in gardens. While any type of manure can be used for flowers and ornamental plants, a gardener should be careful about the manure used on fruit and vegetable plants. (See Reference 1)

When it comes to fruit and vegetable plants, use just manure from cows, chickens and horses. You can also use manure from turkey, sheep, rabbits and alpaca, but it may be difficult to come by. Bat guano is said to be the best manure for gardens, but it is rather expensive and most people will not be able to afford it. (See Reference 1)

If the manure comes from dogs, cats, pigs and humans, it should not be used for fertilizing fruit and vegetable plants as this manure would contain pathogens and parasites that could infect your food and then re-enter your body. (See Reference 1)

It is important to note that when you use manure in your garden, you should never use it fresh. Even the smallest quantity of fresh manure will over-fertilize the plants and the acidity in the fresh manure will kill them. Manure should only be used after aging or after being composted. (See Reference 1)

Aging manure is very easy. Just allow the manure to sit for over six months or a year and then use it in the garden. The aging process allows the manure to lose its acidic nature that is responsible for damaging and killing plants. After aging, the manure still contains nutrients and can be used to fertilize plants, fruits and vegetables without any worries. (See Reference 1)

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Manure Advice For Use In Gardens

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