Colorado potato beetle control - Colorado potato beetle life cycle

Colorado Potato Beetle Control         Although it is called the Colorado potato beetle, besides feeding on potato plants, the beetle is also known to attack tomato plants and eggplant. However, there are effective measures available for Colorado potato beetle control that you can employ.More...

Colorado Potato Beetle Life Cycle

Colorado Potato Beetle Life Cycle

Colorado potato beetle is menace for people want to grow their own potatoes in their backyards. The beetle was initially identified in the US in 1859, when settlers planted potato plants along the eastern parts of the Rocky Mountains. At that point, the beetle used to live on buffalo bur, which is a relative of the potato. Thereafter, the beetle took nearly thirty years to adapt itself to the potato plant, and once it did, the pest spread to other parts of the US and also Europe.

The adult beetle is usually oval shaped and just half the size of a human thumb. The Colorado potato beetle is yellow orange in color, and has ten stripes running down its fore wings.More...


How To Get Rid Of Colorado Potato Beetle ?

How To Get Rid Of Colorado Potato Beetle

When your potato patch is infected with Colorado potato beetles, controlling them should begin as soon as their eggs begun to hatch. The larvae are the ones which do the maximum damage to the crops, and once they are fully grown beetles, they just fly away.

The best way to detect the beetles is by looking for eggs in the patch. They are usually found on the underside of the leaves. The eggs are laid in clusters. If you find a leaf with clusters on it, then discard the leaf by plucking it.More...