How To Keep Japanese Beetles Off Grape Vines ?

How To Keep Japanese Beetles Off Grape Vines ?

Japanese beetles are known to be one of the most destructive and also visible kinds of species. They are also referred to as jitter bugs. They love the grape vines, and are the biggest infectors of all. They tend to eat the greenest portions of the grape vines. So, if you are looking for Japanese beetles on your grape vines, then you should be looking at the greenest parts and also where there are young leaves that tend to rise on the top most portion of the grape vine.

Rarely do these beetles eat fruits. When Japanese beetles eat the leaves, they tend to eat up the leaves and the leaf will only have the skeleton. If you find such leaves on your grape vine, then the chances are high that there are plenty of these beetles around.

Also, Japanese beetles take very little time to proliferate and they can cause severe damage to your grape vine if you ignore them. Protection is the best strategy you can adopt right from the beginning. If there are too may beetles, then you will need to spray the grape vine with insecticides. However, if you spot them occasionally, then you can hand pick them and kill them. However, unlike other crops, the grape vine grows in the form of a canopy. It may be difficult for you to reach the top of the vine. There are some organic pesticides available and can prevent the beetles form coming. However, hand picking them and dropping the dead beetles in the crop can prevent them from coming back.

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How To Keep Japanese Beetles Off Grape Vines