Where Did The Japanese Beetle Come From ?  

The Japanese beetles are natives of Japan. They are known to be highly destructive species of the beetles. They came to the United States along with the import of plants and that is what is believed.

The first time the Japanese beetle was ever noticed was in a small nursery in New Jersey about eighty years ago. However, the astonishing fact about the Japanese beetle is that this particular pest is not considered as a serious enemy in Japan because it has several natural predators which control the beetle population.

It is a problem in the United States because the natural predators are not available. However, in an uncontrolled environment, the beetles can proliferate and become a major threat and menace to agriculture.

The Japanese beetles eat the foliage and also the fruits; and there are some hundreds of species of plants that they can destroy within no time. They even destroy turf grass in lawns and golf courses. They pose serious danger to expensive flowers and ornamental plants. These kinds of plants grow rather slowly and having Japanese beetle feed on them is bad news. The beetles tend to leave the skeletonized leaves behind.

However, the beetles are seasonal creatures and are mainly seen in the months of July and August. Precaution has to be taken much earlier in order to prevent them from taking over the crop. A garden store sells various types of beetle prevention equipment which include nets, traps and even pesticides. The best strategy to control them in an early stage is through handpicking in the early morning hours.

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Where Did The Japanese Beetle Come From




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