What Colors Do Ladybugs Come In ?

What Colors Do Ladybugs Come In ?

The ladybug lifecycle is very similar to that of a butterfly. Ladybugs, when they come out from the pupa as adults, they actually come out in vibrant colors. There are more than five thousand species of ladybugs in the world. Several of the species are identified by the coloring on them.

One of the most common ladybugs that we find in our gardens is black in color and has red spots on its back. The wings are also bright red in color. However, for most ladybugs you will not realize that they are bugs until they reach their final adulthood. Until then, you can keep guessing if they are insects or worms. They have no colors, and the grubs of nearly all species of ladybugs are white in color.

Some ladybugs that come around Halloween time are actually yellow and orange in color just like the pumpkins you find around that time. People call these bugs Halloween lady bugs. One is because they are colored in such a way and another reason is that they also come during Halloween time.

These are a couple of common ladybugs found in the United States. Ladybugs also come in grey colors, but these are rare and they are not commonly found across the United States. Some ladybugs found in Asia are also pink in color. Some of the most common colors to be found in lady bugs are black, red and white. Some lady bugs are red in color with black spots on them.

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What Colors Do Ladybugs Come In