Where Do Ladybugs Live ?

Where Do Ladybugs Live ?

There are nearly five thousand species of ladybugs in the world. They live in all kinds of places and countries, mainly where there is plenty of food available for them. Ladybugs eat insects, worms, and aphids. These types of insects survive where there are plenty of flowers and foliage is available. So, even ladybugs are found in such environments because they will find plenty of food.

Some varieties of ladybugs reside in thick forests, but most of them live in gardens and agricultural fields where they can get ample warmth and also food. Ladybugs usually come out in the spring time and are there to be seen until fall. They love the heat because they are cold blooded creatures. Also, lady bugs need warmth to survive; so in winter months, they find holes and gaps in structures or houses and hide there in order to hibernate during cold winter months. A ladybug can survive in hibernation for nearly 9 months.

Most ladybugs live in small gaps and holes when they are hibernating. These gaps can be found on trees, under the bark of trees and on tree trunks. Even our homes are used as a dwelling by ladybugs. These bugs can find tiny crevices and holes in windows, doors and sometimes even walls. They do not make these holes as they cannot dig. However, they spend a lot of time looking for them so that they can hibernate.

Ladybugs have the habit of looking for their homes much before they need it. That is why sometimes you see bugs coming inside the house and flying out.

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Where Do Ladybugs Live