Treatment For Leaf Miners On Citrus  

Leaf miner is an umbrella term used to describe grubs of several types of insects like moths, beetles, and flies. Even some types of beetles and moths qualify as leaf miners. These insects are attracted to fruit bearing trees, and among them they are most attracted to the citrus trees.

The larvae of such insects tunnel inside the leaf and then they eat the tissue. When the leaf tissue is eaten up, the leaf turns yellow and falls from the tree. Over a period of time, the leaf miner infestation can also lead or interfere with the growth of the plant. If the infestation of the leaf miners is heavy, then the fruits, leaves and the entire plant get affected. In such cases, extreme steps of extermination are taken.

Leaf miners are actually very difficult to get rid of because they live inside the leaves. Even the predators cannot see them and insecticides cannot reach them. However, if the infestation is heavy, then you can identify by the leaf color, which turns as though the leaf has been bleached and it turns copper in color. If you find such leaves, then pluck them and discard them. Also, if you are using pruners, then you can dip them in alcohol and cut so that the larvae do not spread further.

Get the right kind of insecticide from the garden store and dilute it in water as per instructions. Spray it on younger plants. Here you have the liberty to actually overdo the spraying a little bit. This can kill the leaf miners and also the younger plants have a better chance of surviving and growing.

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Treatment For Leaf Miners On Citrus




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