What Are Spider Mites ?

What Are Spider Mites ?

Spider mites are one of the types of insects that infest gardens and crops. Spider mites are very similar to aphids in appearance and behavior. They are small and white creatures with soft bodies. They mainly suck the nutrients out of the plants and cause damage to them. The damage can be quite substantial.

Spider mite infestation is a problematic scenario for anyone with a garden. Their mouths are like whips, and they use it to suck the nutrients by sucking the sap. The damaged leaf areas have yellow and brown spots on them.

The mites get their name from their behavior. They weave silky threads around the leaf and protect themselves. Then they start making holes on the leaf and damage it. The spider mite infestation occurs in large numbers. Typically, one whole colony of mites will take over a plant and eventually they start spreading to other plants as well.

Spider mites are categorized in the family of arachnids. This is the same family that normal spiders fall under.

Ants love to feed on the honey dew that the spider mites give out. So, wherever there is a spider mite infestation, you will also find several ants close by. Spider mites cannot digest the sugars that it sucks out from the plants and they get converted into honey dew.

There are several natural predators of spider mites. These include moths, beetles and lady beetles. Encouraging these insects to come to your garden can also keep the spider mite population under control.

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What Are Spider Mites