What Do Spider Mites Look Like ?

What Do Spider Mites Look Like ?

Spider mites are from the family of arachnids. They are extremely small and it is quite difficult to spot them with the naked eye. They can be less than one millimeter in size.

They also come in a variety of colors, depending on the stage of development in their life cycle.

Spider mites weave silk like threads around the leaf and that is how they have got their name. Also, this is a common feature in insects belonging to this family of insects.

Spider mites have six to eight legs, and they are quite active insects. They live by sucking out the nutrients from the plant. They also end up sucking the sugars, which cannot be digested.

These mites can feed on hundreds of species pf plants. Also, they tend to infest in large numbers. Within three days of hatching, a spider mite has the ability to start laying eggs. That is why a spider mite infestation grows rampantly at a blink of an eye. A female spider mite is quite fertile. She has the ability to lay as many as 20 eggs at a time in one single day.

Their average life span is from two to four weeks. In these two to four weeks, all they do is lay eggs, and during this period, they can lay several hundreds of eggs. The hatching and lying of eggs is so rapid that the entire garden is taken over in a few weeks time. That is why when you see symptoms of spider mite infestation, you will have to work on an immediate remedy. The good news is that spider mites can be killed using simple soap solution.

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What Do Spider Mites Look Like