What Does A Red Spider Mite Look Like ?

What Does A Red Spider Mite Look Like ?

Red spider mites are small insects that crawl, and they have no wings. They belong to the family of arachnids, and even the house spider belongs to the same family. A red spider mite has nearly six to eight legs, depending on developmental stage the mite is in. It is also too small to be visible to the naked eye.

If you want to find out if your garden or a plant has been infested by red spider mites, then you will have to look for the symptoms of the infestation or you will need to shake the plant by putting a cloth underneath and then inspecting the cloth closely. Red spider mites infest gardens or plants in large numbers. It is quite difficult to identify them. However, to solve the problem of infestation, one can also use home made pesticides.

Spider mites come in a variety of colors, like white, green, red and black color. The red colored spider mite looks extremely similar to ants. Also, wherever there are spider mites, there would be ants also in all likelihood. Also, the unique thing about the red spider mite is that it remains red only during the hibernation period, which is invariably during the spring season. Newly hatched red spider mites are always white in color. Even the red spider mite eventually turns black as an adult.

An adult red spider mite can start laying eggs as soon as it is thirty-six hours old. The eggs of the red spider mites are found in bunches or clusters on the under side of the leaves.

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What Does A Red Spider Mite Look Like