Squash Bug Prevention  

Adult squash bugs grow up to 12 mm in length, and they are brown in color. Sometimes, you find them in tan color also. Because of their coloration, squash bugs areeasy to identify.

These bugs mainly suck out the juices from the plants and fruits. Controlling squash bugs on time prevents crop damage. In any case prevention is always better than cure. There are some garden pesticides available in the stores to prevent squash bugs from infesting your crop. However, the best way to prevent them from coming or proliferating in your vegetable patch is by inspecting the vegetable plants periodically. If there are squash bugs in your crop, then the leaves will be discolored. Also, the plants will be wilted. Eventually the plants die if the squash bugs continue their lifecycle.

If you want to prevent squash bugs from taking over your vegetable patch, you should take precautionary measures while planting the seeds.

In order to prevent the bugs from coming, you should sanitize the surroundings. Remove old and dead plants which seem to attract these bugs even more. Maintain your garden environment in a clean and pristine manner. Also, at the end of every season, use compost on the vegetation.

When you have a pumpkin patch, you should be able to see the soil and it should be clear. Debris is a part of growing plants. However, here you should clear out the debris. Usually squash bugs lay their eggs in the debris. When there is no debris around, they find it more difficult to proliferate.

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Squash Bug Prevention




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