Where Does A Squash Bug Live ?  

Squash bugs love squash plants, but they derive their name because when crushed or squashed, they give out a bad odor. This keeps predators away. So, never squash a squash bug actually.

These bugs are pretty big in size. They are about 12 mm in size, and 3 mm in width. They are brown, grayish black, and tan colored most of the times. They lay eggs in clusters. Squash bugs are not harmful to human beings as they never bite. So, they are easy to pick out by hand and discard.

They live by sucking out juices from the plant and fruits. They also inject a toxin into the plants they are feeding from, and this toxin ends up killing the plants. Squash bugs are found in Canada and the west coastal areas of the United States. They love warm climate and heat, and are most active during the day. They rest on the underside of the leaves in the evenings.

These bugs tend to colonize a vegetable patch in large groups. They come during spring time, and they lay eggs and live on the crop until winter. During the cold winter season, they just hibernate. They usually hibernate under the bark of trees. Also, because of their color, predators find it difficult to spot the bugs while they are hibernating. They end up blending quite well their surroundings. In addition, squash bugs live on dead leaves and vines. They can also live in the cracks and the gaps in the home environment. So make sure that these cracks and gaps are filled and blocked in your home.

These are the prime hibernation spots for the bugs. They will come back into your garden if you let them be there. The best way to remove these bugs is by using a vacuum cleaner.

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Where Does A Squash Bug Live




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Where Does A Squash Bug Live ? )
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