How to kill squash bugs ? - Squash bug prevention - Where does a squash bug live ?

Squash Bug Prevention         Adult squash bugs grow up to 12 mm in length, and they are brown in color. Sometimes, you find them in tan color also. Because of their coloration, squash bugs areeasy to identify.These bugs mainly suck out the juices from the plants and fruits. Controlling squash bugs on time prevents crop damage. In any case prevention is always better than cure. There are some garden pesticides available in the stores to prevent squash bugs from infesting your crop. More...

How To Get Rid Of Squash Bugs Organically ?

How To Get Rid Of Squash Bugs Organically

If you are growing vegetables at home, then you should be extremely wary of squash bugs. They can be a nightmare for any vegetable grower. The best way to get rid of squash bugs is through organic control methods. The squash bug can destroy all kinds of cucumbers and pumpkins. They are found in plenty in the western parts of the United States.

The bugs suck all the important nutrients and juices from the plants and fruits. Also, in the process they inject a toxin into the plant and destroy their color.More...



Where Does A Squash Bug Live ?

Where Does A Squash Bug Live

Squash bugs love squash plants, but they derive their name because when crushed or squashed, they give out a bad odor. This keeps predators away. So, never squash a squash bug actually.

These bugs are pretty big in size. They are about 12 mm in size, and 3 mm in width. They are brown, grayish black, and tan colored most of the times. More...