How to prune a peach tree, Peach life cycle, Diseases of peach tree

Peach Life Cycle             A Peach tree is deciduous in nature and has a lifespan of nearly 50 years. It is native to China and belongs to the family of Prunoideae. The tree’s botanical name is Prunus persica. Peach fruits are relished the world over. They are generally eaten raw. In some cases, they are even baked and used in desserts.More...

Diseases Of Peach Tree

Diseases Of Peach Tree

Peach trees are easily susceptible to fungal attacks. Rainy or misty climatic conditions with a warm temperature are ideal for fungal growth. Insects also produce numerous diseases. Trees secrete pheromones to attract insects for pollination. Japanese beetles in particular are attracted to the pheromones. They chew away the leaves reducing the plant’s ability to produce food. Mites, fruit moths and peach borer attack the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits causing widespread destruction. They will interfere with the functioning of the plant’s metabolism crippling the plant completely.More...


How To Keep Peach Trees Healthy ?

How To Keep Peach Trees Healthy

Peaches are extremely nutritious and tasty. They are rich in several vitamins and minerals. They are a rich storehouse of antioxidants. These substances kill and dispose free radicals preventing the body from premature ageing. They also protect the body from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.More...


How To Plant A Peach Seed ?

How To Plant A Peach Seed

Peaches require a lot of care and attention. If you have decided to plant a tree in your garden, make sure there is sufficient sunlight in the area. They require abundant sunlight and space for growth and development. You should also fertilize them regularly. They attract a large variety of insects so constant care and maintenance is crucial. Peaches you buy from stores are generally cross-pollinated making them taste delicious and juicy. The trees you grow at home have a higher chance of being self-pollinated so you may not get the same fruit quality.More...

How To Prune A Peach Tree ?

How To Prune A Peach Tree

Peach trees have to be regularly pruned. This makes the trees stronger. The fruits get maximum sunlight making them mature completely and develop beautiful colorations. Pruning requires time and effort. If you have a peach garden or are planning to grow one at home, remember to learn the technique of pruning before planting them.More...


How To Make Peach Ice Tea ?

How To Make Peach Ice Tea

Surprise your friends and family members by serving peach iced tea. It is a great alternative to traditional lemon iced tea and is very easy to prepare as well. They give a unique taste that is refreshing and aromatic.More...


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