US Treasury Bonds Volume  

       The US Treasury bond market is one of the largest in the world. Through the sale of bonds and other securities, the U.S. government managed to amass a yearly debt of more than $200 billion since 1985. The daily US Treasury bonds and other securities volume is nearly $100 billion.

      At the same time, US Treasury bonds have become an integral part of investment program for investors. Real estate investors, fixed income investors currency investors and many other types of investors are constantly influenced by short-, medium- and long-term interest rates. These investors effectively manage the interest rate risks by investing a certain amount into Treasury bonds.

      Many investors hedge interest rate risks by investing in Treasury bonds as these are effective and low cost way of helping individual investors meet their investment and financial objectives. This is especially true when market predictions call for rising interest rates or falling interest rates.

      In the US, interest rates were pioneered in 1975 by the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). This was done as a way of giving protection to investors against sharp and repeated swings in the market. Over the last few decades, the volume of US Treasury bonds has grown to unprecedented levels and this shows that that there have been deep changes in the interest rates in the market.

      Many experts attribute this increase in US Treasury bonds’ volume to the trust in good faith and credit backed by the US government. In addition, the US markets are performing quite well so there is a tremendous demand for these bonds.

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Us Treasury Bonds Volume





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Us Treasury Bonds Volume )
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