VA Compensation And For Disability  

If you are a military veteran with a disability related to your service, you are entitled to a monthly VA compensation for disability. This VA compensation for disability is paid to veterans who have sustained injuries or suffered from diseases that occurred during active duty or that were made worse because of active duty.

VA compensation for disability is tax-free and in certain cases disabled veterans also receive VA health care.

In order to receive VA compensation for disability, you have to first be eligible. This means that you have to have a service-related disability and should not have been discharged from service under dishonorable conditions. The basic benefit ranges from $115 to over $2,471 per month depending on the level of the disability. However, you are entitled to addition amounts if you have very severe disability, loss of limbs, spouse, children, dependent parents or seriously disabled spouse.

In order to receive VA compensation for disability, you first have to establish to the VA that you were disabled during active military service. This can be done in many ways. You can show them your service medical records that prove that the condition was diagnosed during your military service and condition has continued to affect you. You can also show them evidence of aggravation wherein, you had a pre-existing condition prior to service which was aggravated beyond normal progression during military service. You can also show secondary evidence which will prove that the disability developed as a result of or because of another service connected disability.

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Va Compensation And For Disability




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Va Compensation And For Disability )
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