Tips for a Great Early Retirement  

      The 401k retirement plan gets its name from the Internal Revenue Code of 1978. The entire operation of the 401k is administered by the Employee Benefits Security Administration, which is under the purview of the Department of Labor. More...

401k Plans With Mutual Funds

401k Plans With Mutual Funds

The US tax law gives an array of options for proper savings for retirement. Some examples are IRAs, 401k, 403b, Keogh plans and SIMPLE plans. All these plans can be implemented in mutual funds. Sometimes the employer decides the investment option. But before investment, one must have full knowledge of the tax rules which are applicable.More...


When Do You Pay Taxes On A Roth Ira ?

When Do You Pay Taxes On A Roth Ira

There are several points you must take into consideration before selecting the kind of IRA for your deposits. One important point is related to taxes: when does one pay taxes on a Roth IRA? To get answer to this question, one must know how a traditional IRA is different from a Roth IRA.More...


What Is 403b ?

What Is 403b       A 403b is a retirement savings plan that allows you to make contributions to so that they money can grow tax-deferred until you decide to withdraw the amount on retirement. All contributions to a 403b plan pre-tax contribution. This means that the contributions are made from your gross wages.



Purpose Of Roth IRA

Purpose Of Roth Ira      A Roth IRA is a type of individual retirement account where a person can save money for retirement. The contributions made to the account are after taxes but the earnings from the account are tax exempt.More...


How Do Employers Benefit From Employee Retirement Plans ?

How Do Employers Benefit From Employee Retirement Plans

      Every employer needs to have employee retirement plans, as these plans will ultimately benefit the employer. Once you have great employees working for you, you need something to ensure they stay on with you and do not go off to a rival. The only way is by offering a good benefit package to them.More...


Best Places To Retire In South America

Best Places To Retire In South America


        The dollar has weakened and now many retirees will not get much for the same amount in countries like Portugal or Greece which were popular will American retirees. Now many American are heading to South America after retirement where the low cost of living means higher standard of living.More...


Cashing Out 401k Rules

Cashing Out 401k Rules   You can cash out your 401k but you should think twice before you do. In addition, there are certain cashing out 401k rules that could cost a lot of money now, and still more later on. That is why you should be prudent when it comes to cashing out your 401k.More...





When-Can-I-Take-Money-Out-Of-My-401k      The official age limit for any withdrawals made from the 401k account has been determined at 59 and half years. One is expected to start withdrawing latest by the age of 70. But due to the recent fall in the stock markets, people are concerned even more about when they can start withdrawing especially for those who have been adversely affected by the recent recession. More..




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