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If you suspect that your child is exhibiting symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, the question on your mind may probably be how doctors conduct ADD or ADHD tests.

Any standard ADD or ADHD test will be carried out with the help of information gathered from parents, teachers and the child in question. Of course if the child is of the preschool-age then there are different modes of conducting this test, since diagnosing children belong to that age group is more difficult.

Coming back to the regular ADD or ADHD test, it is a combination of written questionnaires and personal interviews, carried out by the healthcare professionals. If you are a parent who must undergo this test, you need to make sure of a few things. One, the physician or psychologist must conduct the interviews in a relaxed manner, and not rush through it. If he or she is not gathering information from all concerned with the welfare of your child, the test results will definitely not be the most accurate. You and your child’s teachers can help in this matter too. Start maintaining a log of your child’s behaviors for a few weeks, and request his teachers to do the same while he is at school. This can help the doctor a lot while presenting the diagnosis on your child’s condition.

Once the diagnosis is done, you will be faced with need to make the right decision as far as medications are concerned. Before you agree to go with prescription drugs, do make it a point to consider alternative treatments too.

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Add Or Adhd Test




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