Can Add And Adhd Cause Bedwetting ?  

If your child has been wetting his bed and the doctors have diagnosed him with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), chances are he may have been wrongly diagnosed and his actual problem could be what is known as a deep-sleep disorder.

Though similar to the symptoms of ADHD/AD, bed wetting is actually a deep-sleep disorder that is hereditary. It makes the child experience Stage 4 or oxygen-deprived sleep through most of the night. When deprived of oxygen for long periods of time, it has an impact on the bloodstream, muscles, brain and all other organs, and the subsequent symptoms are quite similar to those of ADD/ADHD, like not being able to concentrate, forgetfulness, inability to finish tasks, impulsiveness, distractibility and more.

Hence to put a stop to your child’s bed wetting problem, you must first work at removing the cause, which is a deep sleep disorder. In majority of the cases it has been reported that once the sleep disorder was properly treated, not only the bed wetting stop, but even the symptoms that seemed like ADD/ADHD disappeared too.

In cases where the child had been properly diagnosed and had ADD/ADHD as well the sleep disorder, once the symptoms started fading away, it was considered safe enough to discontinue medications prescribed for ADD/ADHD.

The above is a clear example of why we should not be hasty in labeling a child as suffering from ADD/ADHD. Before writing out drugs for the child, it is important that proper diagnosis is made and disorders are looked at from all possible angles.

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Can Add And Adhd Cause Bedwetting




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