Symptoms Of Adolescent Add And Adhd  

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a common childhood behavior disorder that affects close to 10 percent of school going kids and adolescents. Often seen as usual teenage behavior, the symptoms of ADHD in a teen are hyperactivity, impulsiveness and lack of concentration, among others.

ADHD at times will be present with other disorders in a teen, like anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, mood swings or learning disabilities. Living with ADHD is most difficult for a teenager who is going through a difficult phase in life as it is, with all the hormonal changes.

The symptoms show up even more during teenage years, and the child will perpetually be exhibiting signs of irritability, lack of concentration, insomnia, hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness. Because of all these problems, teens that suffer from ADHD but are not treated for it, have a rough time in school.

Common signs are falling grades, feeling bored with classes, forgetting assignments, being extremely fidgety in class and overall lack of attention to what is going on around him.

Other problems that teens with ADHD face are associated with driving and substance abuse. Since research has shown that teens with ADHD are usually heavy drinkers, they have to face such related problems like driving while under the influence of alcohol. It has also been established that teens with ADHD abuse drugs more than normal kids, which only adds to their woes. Unless diagnosed early and proper help extended, the adolescent years can be the worst ones in an ADHD patient’s life. 

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Symptoms Of Adolescent Add And Adhd




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