Insomnia From Anxiety  

Insomnia and anxiety are related to each other directly. Insomnia sometimes causes anxiety and anxiety also causes insomnia. People experience problems with their sleep patterns at different periods of their life. This may be a temporary phase and can go away within a span of few weeks. However, some people face chronic insomnia and are deeply affected by it.

Over a period of time insomnia can cause several problems like depression, anxiety and fatigue. Insomnia is a sleep disorder and anxiety is a psychiatric disorder. But both exist as a side effect of each other.

A person suffering from anxiety tends to worry too much and as a result they end up worrying through the nights instead of sleeping. Their brain is always preoccupied with some thought or the other. Also, it can lead to anxiety attacks for them. When an anxious person falls into a habit of worrying during nights, then it leads to insomnia eventually for them.

Insomniacs, on the other hand, already have problems with sleep and they find it difficult to fall asleep. Even if they sleep, it will only be for a couple of hours and they wake up past midnight or too early in the morning. Because they sleep less, they have low energy levels throughout the day. The tiredness and fatigue is experienced by them everyday and they lose interest in their normal life style. This pattern can sometimes lead to anxiety and panic attacks. That is why both are deeply connected and one can become the cause of the other.

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Insomnia From Anxiety




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