What Is Psychology

What Is Psychology ?

If you are new to psychology, you might be wondering What Is Psychology ?. Many people are unsure as to What Is Psychology ? and this usually because of the misconceptions created by popular media and the many careers that people with psychology degree go into.

Psychology is not just an applied science but also academic science. It basically studies the human behavior and how the human mind functions. Research in psychology looks to understand and explain the way we think, emote and behave. Psychology can be used in diverse fields. It can be used to treat mental health, to improve performance, to design a job or workplace with a worker in mind and to deal with problems of the mind and body.

The word psychology is derived from the Greek work psyche, which means the soul or mind. In the initial stages, it was combination of philosophy and biology and Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates constantly wanted to understand the working of the human mind and how it affected behavior and emotions.

Psychology as a science truly developed when Wilhelm Wundt created a psychology laboratory in Leipzig, Germany. Wundt was interested in studying a school of thought known as structuralism that involves describing the structures that make up the mind. This school of thought is dependent mostly on analysis of sensation and feeling through a process of introspection. According to Wundt, if people are properly trained, they will be able to map out the mental processes that occur when they feel, think or sense things.

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What Is Psychology