Mind And Body And Abnormal Psychology

Mind And Body And Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology is a subfield of psychology that involves the scientific study of abnormal behavior and experiences. In addition, abnormal psychology also studies certain states of mind like dreams and hypnosis that are not understood completely by the scientific community.

Across time and cultures, the definition of abnormal psychology has been changing and it also changes among individuals belonging to the same culture. However, today, abnormal psychology is connected with the studying of with mental disorders and illnesses and many practicing clinicians believe that there is a connection between mind and body and abnormal psychology.

Modern abnormal psychology revolves around two main models that help clinicians understand mental disorders and illnesses. These middles are the psychological model and the biological model. The psychological model focuses on cognitive, behavioral and humanistic causes; while biological model focuses on physical causes like genetics and neurochemistry of the individual.

Through research, clinicians try to establish the cause of mental disorders and illnesses and they try to see whether biological factors lead to dysfunctioning of the brain and thereby leading to the illness. Clinicians try to see whether a person has a genetic predisposition to a mental disorder but they also check to see whether the brain has suffered any damage due to accidents or consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Mental disorders that have a biological cause can be treated with medication and drugs. However, where mental disorder does not have a biological cause, clinicians try to understand the personal history of the patient to get to causes and subsequent treatment.

This is how mind and body and abnormal psychology are intertwined and interlinked.

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Mind And Body And Abnormal Psychology