Theory And Definition Of Behaviorism

Theory And Definition Of Behaviorism

The theory and definition of behaviorism is very interesting. Behaviorism is a theory of learning and it believes that all behaviors are acquired as a result of conditioning. Conditioning occurs after a person interacts with his environment.

As per behaviorism, behavior can be studied and analyzed in a systematic manner that can be observed and the behaviorist does not have to take the internal mental state of the person into account.

Theories of Behaviorism:

According to behaviorism, there are two main types of conditioning and they are as follows:

  • Classical Condition: This technique was first demonstrated by Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov. Classical conditioning is used in behavioral training in which a natural stimulus is coupled with a response. Then, a prior neutral stimulus is coupled with the natural stimulus. Finally the person responds to the neutral stimulus even when the natural stimulus is not present.
  • Operant Conditioning: This conditioning is sometimes referred to as instrumental conditioning. It is a method of learning where the person is taught using rewards and punishments for a particular behavior. Through this conditioning, a person learns to make an association between a particular behavior and the resultant consequence.

Behaviorism has influenced many well-known thinkers of our time. If you want to understand the theory and definition of behaviorism, it is important for you to also get to know more about the people who discovered and advocated behaviorism to the world.

Ivan Pavlov, as mentioned earlier, was a Russian physiologist who discovered classical conditioning after conducting experiments with dogs.

John B. Watson, an American scientist, who coined the term behaviorism and he believed that psychology is a science of observable behavior.

The most well-known behavioral advocate and thinker in the world is B.F. Skinner. He was responsible for putting forth the theory of operant conditioning.

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Theory And Definition Of Behaviorism