Cognitive Activities For Long Term Care

Cognitive Activities For Long Term Care

There is ample evidence to show that a healthy mind can help facilitate a healthy body. That is why cognitive activities for long term care patients are very important as it helps to keep them alert.

These activities can be extremely beneficial for seniors who are at risk for dementia and other debilitating age-related memory problems. In addition, they are found to help Alzheimer's patients.

There are number of cognitive activities for long term care patients that are available. There are some classic board games that can be routinely played to alleviate loneliness and stress while exercising the mind. These games keep seniors healthy and vibrant.

In addition, when the games and activities are part of the daily routine, it provides the patient an avenue to interact, socialize and exercise. Besides board games, card games like Bridge and Euchre are also found help cognition in seniors.

Scrabble is a board game that helps to build memory skills as it forces the senior to remember basic information. Chess is another game that requires skill, intelligence and ability to plan and it helps promote and maintain all these skill sets in a player.

A study conducted in 2004 by the Neurology Journal in England showed that playing backgammon helps to symptoms of Alzheimer's. This is one game that helps to improve cognitive skills in a person. A game like Parcheesi helps to develop hand-eye coordination and basic problem solving skills. While Chinese Checkers is a whole lot of fun, it also involves logic and sequencing during play. It is a perfect cognitive activity for long term care patients as one can spend hours playing it without even realizing.

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Cognitive Activities For Long Term Care