Describe Freuds Approach To Psychotherapy  

Psychotherapy is a process where mental health professionals look to help people who have mental health issues and mental disorders. Usually the process of psychotherapy involves a lot of verbal communication and that is why it is often also known as talk therapy.

Freud approach to psychotherapy has to be talked about when it comes to treating mental health. He was the first to discover that patients improved if they talked to a therapist. Freud was also the first to develop a unique technique of talking in psychotherapy and this technique is known as free association.

Using the technique of free association during a psychotherapy session, Freud was able to recover long forgotten memories held captive within the patient and Freud believed that many of these memories were the cause of psychiatric symptoms being experienced by the patient.

Freud's approach to psychotherapy showed that a patient could be helped if the therapist listened and got involved in what the patient was saying. This is completely opposite to a therapist who listens to a patient and spends the session taking notes. In fact, Freud was active in all sessions that he had with patients and believed in being involved.

Today many studies have shown that if therapists are active, empathic and get involved during the psychotherapy session, it is extremely beneficial for a patient's mental health and the chances of recovery are higher.

Freud's approach to psychotherapy opened a door and many therapists believe in his way of treating a patient. Although psychotherapy has evolved and changed since Freud's time, there are some basic therapists who still believe in using Freud's approach as it helps their patients meet their goals.

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Describe Freuds Approach To Psychotherapy




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