Sigmund Freud And Sex And Aggression  

The oldest reason for human aggression is that humans are programmed to be violent and aggressive. This explanation suggests that violence is an inherent built-in tendency in humans. The most famous supporter of this explanation was Sigmund Freud.

He believed that aggression in humans is a result of a very strong death wish. He believed that all humans possessed this wish, which is first targeted at self destruction but soon it gets focused on others.

Sigmund Freud's views on sex and aggression are not favored by all psychoanalysts and philosophers. In fact, most of them tend to disagree with Freud when it comes to sex and aggression. For instance, Freud's theory of Oedipus complex says that young boys have sexual feeling towards their mother and this brings about a desire in them to do away with their father. As a result, young boys develop animosity towards their fathers and view them as rivals for their mother's affection, attention and care. At the same time, this feeling towards the mother creates a fear in the boys and the sexual feelings and animosity are, however, suppressed by the ego. Soon the superego develops and the boys begin to copy their fathers.

The female version of Oedipus complex is Electra complex. According to this theory, girls see their mothers as rivals for their father's affection and it is this complex that influences the girls' relationships with men when they mature. However, Freud did not agree with the Electra complex.

However, these view held by Freud are not accepted today but there are psychoanalysts and psychotherapists who follow Freudian theories and they may hold the same view as Freud on sex and aggression.

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Sigmund Freud And Sex And Aggression




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