What Did Sigmund Freud Think About Dreams ?  

Dreams are no doubt mysterious and a lot of effort has been made to understand the meaning of dreams. Many believe that dreams cannot be without meaning given the fact that they seem so forceful.

While many theorists have tried to explain why people dream, no one has been able to understand the purpose of dreams.

Some researchers feel that dreams have no real purpose and that is why we should not bother with trying to understand their meaning. Nonetheless, interpreting dreams is extremely popularly and many experts believe that they do have meaning.

However, those of you who are interested in psychoanalysis should also find out what did Sigmund Freud think about dreams. After all Freud is the father of psychoanalysis and if anything can explain the meaning of dreams, it is psychoanalysis.

According Freud, the subject matter and gist of a dream is connected to the fulfillment of a wish. At least this is what he wrote in his book entitled The Interpretation of Dream. Freud believed that the images and events taking place in a dream are the unconscious wishes of the person who is dreaming.

Freud's dream work describes the process of dreaming and he said that the process had four elements, which are as follows:

  • Condensation: Many ideas and subject matters come in a single dream and as a result they get condensed into single image.
  • Displacement: Here the dream hides the emotional meaning of the unconscious thoughts by confusing the important and unimportant parts of the dream.
  • Symbolization: Here the repressed ideas in the dream are censored and represented as objects that symbolize the unconscious thoughts of the dream.
  • Secondary Revision: This is the last stage of the process of dreaming and all the strange and weird events in the dream are reorganized so that they appear to make sense and thereby giving the dream overt meaning.

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What Did Sigmund Freud Think About Dreams




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