What Does It Mean To Dream About A Baby

What Does It Mean To Dream About A Baby ?

Dreaming of a baby can be interpreted in several ways depending upon the context of the dream. In cases wherein the dreamer just sees a baby in the sequence, it can be regarded as a positive dream. It does not require a genius’ mind to conclude that a baby symbolizes a new beginning.

Of course, for those who are aspiring towards having one of their own, such a dream could be a reflection of their own desire. Otherwise, dreaming of a baby could be a signal towards a novel start on the personal or professional front. Going by the philosophy that the creation of a baby in the mother’s womb is the highest form of creativity in the universe, a dream involving a baby could also indicate one’s creative instincts.

At times, we have dreams that make us rather uneasy as we see ourselves demonstrating negative emotions or gestures such as neglecting, forgetting or hiding a baby. Each of these has its own specific meaning. Neglecting or abusing a baby is a signal coming from your subconscious mind reminding you that you are overlooking a certain aspect or trait of your being. Similarly, forgetting a baby signifies that you have lost touch with a specific part of your inner self or personality. Not liking or hiding a baby reflects you being embarrassed of a certain facet of your personality that you are constantly trying to camouflage.

Finally, the worse dreams connected to a baby could be one involving a miscarriage or the death of a baby. While the former could be a sign of a missed opportunity, the latter could actually have a positive significance highlighting the end of a phase in your life.

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What Does It Mean To Dream About A Baby