Facts On The Constellation Aries  

The Constellation of Aries is quite mystical. The fact is that it does not have any of the brightest stars. It is quite difficult to locate this constellation through naked eyes. If you look in the eastward direction in the evenings, then you will spot a V shaped group of stars. This is where the Aries constellation will be. It is called the Hyades.

At the end of the V shape is a bright star with a reddish hue, and it is called Aldebaron. This star is actually a part of the Taurus constellation and is the brightest. However, it is used to spot the Aries and that is why it is called the star of the Aires constellation. Starting from this star you can mark Aries the Ram. The tip of the Aries marked by a very dim star.

Aries can be spotted from mid April to mid May as the sun transits through Aries at that time. During spring time it is very difficult to spot these stars. In late November, however, these stars are visible again in the southeast direction around 10 pm.

In Greek mythology, Aries is marked by the Golden Fleece. The wanderers of the sky came looking for the Aries for the Golden Fleece. The 4 stars that we refer to were four people called the Jason’s crew of Argonauts. There are many immortalizing stories on Aries the Ram constellation in Greek mythology and Roman mythology. Even Egyptians had their own explanation. However, Aries was very difficult to identify right from the beginning.

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Facts On The Constellation Aries




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