How Does A Gemini Act ?

How Does A Gemini Act ?

The Gemini’s the third of the zodiac signs. People born between May 23rd and June 21st are called Geminis. The zodiac symbol of the Gemini is the twin brothers. The Gemini is a mutable sign and they have a dual nature. They can confuse people with their personality traits alone. They have exceptionally good talking skills. They can talk very well and they have the intellect to support their conversations.

They also have a great sense of humor. They carry themselves in a sophisticated manner and can charm people in their mannerisms. You can tell a Gemini among thousand people and that is the charisma they carry.

They will act strange sometimes but that is just so they can collect themselves from their imagination. Gemini can be very imaginative and for them nothing is realty. They live in a fantasy world. The Gemini will fall in love very quickly because they like the idea of it. However, they do get out of it faster they fell in. They are too cool headed and may seem very cold at times. The Gemini has a very sharp tongue and can insult people very badly if they get angry. They are not the ones to throw tantrums but they will deal with it through their tactful talk. Gemini will not be too passionate about anything as it will block their intellect and thinking power. Geminis are very generous when they are in love otherwise they are the stingiest people you will meet in this world.

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How Does A Gemini Act