Constellation Leo History

Constellation Leo History

Leo is the fifth sign of zodiac. The name comes for the Latin word which means lion. The neighboring zodiac signs of this constellation are Virgo and Cancer. While Virgo is situated to the east of Leo, the dim Cancer occupies the west of this powerful zodiac sign.

According to mythology, this lion lived in a cave situated in a place called Nemea. Leo was pretty scary unlike the cartoon representation of this constellation where it looks playful and cute, more like a cat.

History states that the people of Nemea considered Leo as an ugly and fierce beast. Another interpretation is that this lion was brought to life by Mother Earth during a ten year battle between the Titans and Olympians.

Leo was huge and had a thick protective skin which served as his shield. Swords and spears could not pierce through his skin. Hence, warriors had a tough time fighting against this scary and strong lion.

The people of Nemea were very frightened of Leo as they thought they could be attacked by him anytime while they were resting peacefully in the night. Due to this panic, Zeus ordered the mighty Hercules to go and kill the beast.

The task was laborious and challenging for Hercules. Leo and the brave warrior fought for almost a month. During one of the weak moments when the lion was resting, Hercules quickly strangled the animal to death. He used the beast's own claws to cut off its tongue. He then removed the skin and finally chopped the head of the lion.

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Constellation Leo History