Female Leo Profile

Female Leo Profile

Leo women enjoy attention almost everywhere they go. Moreover, they would be noticed by many people in their circle. She would lead her group and the members would love accept her as a leader. Sensuality, ingenuity, beauty, elegance and liveliness are some of the typical traits of Leo females.

Leo woman cares for her partner and respects him. However, she would not agree to worship her spouse. She expects her partner to be the 'real' prince charming who is chivalrous and passionate.

Classy gifts are the ones that would please a Leo woman. She has a great taste and expects her partner to be genuine in his compliments. Roadside hamburgers and shabby surroundings are not just tolerable for her.

Leo woman loves to be cherished and respected. She is kindest to those who do not hurt or insult her. She loves to help the needy and would care for her offspring like a protector. She is highly career oriented. She loves to be busy all the time. She likes her independence but equally reciprocates the same to her partner. Her strength, wit and intelligence make her grow in all kinds of surroundings. She can charm her guests with her presence of mind and entertain them for hours together.

Extravagance is synonymous with Leo women and hence, you may have to keep a check on this aspect. Her desires are endless. Home décor, gifts, furnishings and clothes are quite classy. She has an expensive but excellent taste.

Leo woman teaches excellent manners to her children. She demands respect, but pampers them equally.

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Female Leo Profile