Is Lawn Fertilizer Safe With Dogs ?   

        If you have dogs at home, you will do everything in your power to ensure that you provide them with a healthy living environment.

       Healthy environment is not just about giving them a clean home. You should also ensure that the surroundings are clean and healthy. 

       Unfortunately, there are health risks associated with fertilizers, which many dog owners sometimes overlook. Dogs tend to chew on lawn grass and when they do that, the chemicals can pose a risk to their health.

          So, if you really want to know whether lawn fertilize is safe for dogs, the answer is no. However, it is chemical based lawn fertilizers that you should be wary of.

          We all want a green and disease-free lawn and this can be done by implementing proper lawn maintenance that uses fertilizers, mowing, water and drainage. However, using excessive fertilizer is also harmful for your lawn and not just your dog.

          If you want to protect your dogs from the ill-effects of fertilizers, it is best to make a shift towards organic fertilizers. These are made from bone meal, kelp, dried blood and/or sea weed. They stimulate the soil biomass and promote healthy root and plant growth. It can be said without a doubt that chemical fertilizers are not able to provide essential nutrients that organic fertilizer can.

          A study conducted by Purdue University veterinary researcher concluded in 2004 that Scottish Terriers were had higher risk of bladder cancer if they are exposed to lawn treated with chemical fertilizers and herbicides. This says it all.

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Is Lawn Fertilizer Safe With Dogs




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