Composting Horse Manure

Composting Horse Manure

Composting horse manure can be done even at home. It is not necessary that a person has to own a horse or reside in a ranch. Getting horse manure is rather easy and making an effort to get it will ensure that the quality of the soil in your garden improves. (See Reference) It is necessary that a person compost horse manure as many plants are not able to tolerate fresh manure and end up getting damaged. Also, when fresh manure is used, it cannot kill the parasites and seeds of weeds present in the soil.

In order to compost horse manure, you first have to get your hands on the manure. Check out the local ranches and stables and make arrangements with them to collect the manure. Invariably, you would have to go and collect the manure yourself, but in residential areas, ranches and stables make use of a manure disposal service to deliver it. (See Reference 1) Use a shovel to fill the containers that you have brought with you and ensure that the lids are tightly closed after you fill the manure.

On returning home, empty the manure into your compost pit and make sure that you turn the compost heap after a few days. Do remember to keep turning the compost heap. Composting horse manure is a one to three-month long process during the summer months, while in winter the process would take around three to six months. Once the compost is ready, it will have a light tan color and will not have an overpowering odor. (See Reference 1) Now you can use the composted horse manure to give nutrients to the soil and plants growing in your garden.

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