What Do Ladybugs Eat ?

What Do Ladybugs Eat ?

The bugs that look small red and pretty with spots and red wings are called ladybugs. This is one of the most common bugs in the United States of America, and even children know how to identify them.

Lady bugs are actually good bugs as they do not bite people, are pretty friendly to handle and also do good to gardens and crops. Actually some farmers in the United States buy lady bugs and release them into their crops. The ladybugs feed on insects that damage crops by eating foliage. There are several harmful bugs that can cause irreparable damage to the crops or the garden, and destroy everything in sight. Ladybugs are predators of such bugs and insects.

They are pretty big in size and also have a hard shell for an exterior. This makes them strong and also and effective predators.

The larvae of the ladybugs also feed on insects and that is what makes the bug so beneficial. Once you release the bugs into the garden, they will spot the insect population in your garden and then lay their eggs close to them so that the larvae can find food easily. However, ladybugs also need shelter. So, make sure they have ample shelter in the form of sticks and trees in the garden. Or else, they can swarm your house looking for shelter and spots to hibernate.

Ladybugs do not eat leaves or foliage, and they need insects and aphids, worms, and small insects to eat and survive on.

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What Do Ladybugs Eat