How To Get Rid Of Squash Bugs Organically ?  

If you are growing vegetables at home, then you should be extremely wary of squash bugs. They can be a nightmare for any vegetable grower. The best way to get rid of squash bugs is through organic control methods. The squash bug can destroy all kinds of cucumbers and pumpkins. They are found in plenty in the western parts of the United States.

The bugs suck all the important nutrients and juices from the plants and fruits. Also, in the process they inject a toxin into the plant and destroy their color. Due to the toxin, ultimately the plants will wilt and die. All this happens very fast.

Always inspect the plants in your garden. This is the most efficient way of finding out if you garden has squash bugs or not. Look at the color of the leaves and the plant's posture. These are the two best ways through which you can identify a squash bug infestation. If you find the eggs of squash bugs, then remove them by hand. You can also remove the bugs by hand, but make sure you are wearing gloves. Throw the bugs in a home made soap solution. You can dilute dish washing soap and keep the mixture in a bucket. This considered to be a highly effect way to get rid of squash bugs organically.

Squash bugs love the Hubbard squash and the pumpkins, and are most likely to be found on these plants. You may want to avoid these varieties of squashes, and also keep the pathways clean so that inspection becomes easy for you.

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How To Get Rid Of Squash Bugs Organically




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How-To-Kill-Squash-Bugs      Squash bugs are brown in color and they live by sucking out the juices and nutrients from the plants and fruits. Their favorite fruits are the pumpkin and the Hubbard squash. Squash bugs are quite easy to identify because of their color. More..




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