A Major Issue Of Concern In Compensation And Benefits  

Compensation and benefits’ programs provide cash benefits, medical care and rehabilitation services besides salary and wages. There are major issues of concern regarding compensation and benefits which need to be addressed by various employers.

Major Issues of Concern in Compensation and Benefits:

Insurance Arrangements: In the US, six states have exclusive state funds and the federal programs are dependent on funds from the government. In 20 states, private carriers are competing with state funds while in 24 states only private carriers operate.

Private carriers have a more positive influence on workers’ compensation but since late 1980s and 1990s, there was a long spell of underwriting losses and private carriers have been a major force in restricting the scope of the program.

Adequacy of Cash Benefits: This is rather difficult to judge because there are separate arrangements for temporary and permanent periods of disability as well as partial disability, total disability and fatality.

Medical Benefits: It has been seen that from 1980, the compensation benefits for medical has been gradually increasing. Although the medical benefits are attractive for workers, the employer or carrier has the right to choose the treating physician.

Although there are many major issues concerning compensation and benefits in the United States, the above are few important ones that constantly being addressed not just by the workers but also politicians and others. While some aspects of compensation and benefits are attractive, there are many others which are unattractive to workers and employers should take time to address these issues.

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A Major Issue Of Concern In Compensation And Benefits




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A Major Issue Of Concern In Compensation And Benefits )
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