Insomnia And Treatments  

Insomnia is a condition that affects the sleep pattern of the person. The person faces difficulty falling asleep or sleeping for regular hours. They often spend their sleeping time waking up and restless. As a result, they are tired throughout the day and experience fatigue. They will be unable to function throughout the day during their waking hours.

Insomnia is present as a common problem by itself and sometimes it is caused due to some medications and other disorders. It is a common side effect of several psychiatric disorders. It is normal for some people to not sleep on some days due to some underlying causes such as a tragic event or depression or worry. However, if it happens every night, then it is a deeper problem and can be characterized as insomnia.

Insomnia is one of the most complained about sleep disorders in the US and nearly 10 percent of them suffer from it on a regular basis.

Insomnia is classified into several types like transient, short term and chronic. Chronic insomnia can be dangerous for health as it has long term effects on the health of the person. Transient and short term insomnia tends to go away on their own as time passes. However, chronic insomnia needs psychiatric treatment. Transient insomnia lasts from one week to a few months, and short term insomnia can last up to two or three weeks.
Insomnia can be easily treated using medications that improve sleep. Untreated insomnia can lead to manic depression and other psychiatric problems.

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Insomnia And Treatments




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