Mood Swings And Insomnia  

Insomnia is a sleep disorder, and people who have it find it difficult to sleep for eight hours continuously. In fact, they may only sleep for a couple of hours, and after that they wake up. Insomnia can be a problem by itself or it may be a side effect of some underlying problem.

The lack of sleep caused by insomnia shows its effects on several other body functions. A person may feel irritable and is unable to concentrate or finish any given tasks at work. Also, it affects the appetite and decreases the energy levels in the body. An insomniac is always complaining of body pains and tiredness. There is a deep association between sleep deprivation and mood swings. If insomnia is left untreated for a long time, then it leads to severe problems like depression and mania.

Mood swings is a symptom of depression and therefore may indicate that the insomnia is very likely to cause depression. Researches have proven that nearly eighty percent of people who suffer from depression do not sleep well. They need medications to sleep and lead a normal life. Also, insomnia is taken as a major symptom of depression, which also causes mood swings.

Depression is classified by mood swings. A person suffering with depression may behave normally sometimes and they can exhibit extreme behavior on some occasions. This behavior is classified as mood swings.

The extremities are definitely caused by insomnia and depressive disorders. Mood swings can occur at any time for the person and even in their sleep.

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Mood Swings And Insomnia




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