How To Conduct A Psychotherapy Session ?  

Psychotherapy is advocated for people who experience emotional and mental disorders. There is ample evidence to show that patients who receive psychotherapy invariably show some improvement. No doubt psychotherapy is a talk therapy but all psychotherapies are the same.

There is verbal communication between the patient and therapist but the therapist needs to take a different approach to each patient depending on the patient's needs and problems.

How to Conduct a Psychotherapy Session:

In order for psychotherapy to be a success, both the patient and therapist need to be committed. It requires concentration and energy. The patient must be willing to be honest and talk about his problems. The therapist, on the other hand, has to be objective, professional, supportive and maintain confidentiality.

Psychotherapy can be short-term or long-term and the number of sessions depends on the duration of the therapy. Most patients, however, complete psychotherapy with 16 or fewer session and each session lasts for approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Once the patient makes an appointment, he comes on the scheduled date and time. However, before the patient arrives, if there is a case file, a psychotherapist goes through it trying to glean information about the patient. However, if there is no case file, the first session is used for the patient and therapist to get comfortable with each other and psychotherapist uses this opportunity to find out what is troubling the patient. The patient has to be honest with the therapist and should use the first session to explain what his problems are. Just hearing small details allows a therapist to assess the situation and decide the best form of treatment. This sets precedence for all the following sessions. However, most psychotherapists keep assessing right through the therapy and if necessary change the treatment procedure.

During a session, the therapist should ask the patient, often referred to as the client, to sit across him. The nature of the discussion depends on each therapist's school of thought. Some therapist are more interested in the unconscious and the patient's early childhood, others in the patient's patterns of thinking, and still others in the patient's actions and behavior.

While the discussion is going on, the therapist should take notes. Sometimes, some therapists prefer making notes immediately after the session so that they can be active participants during the discussion. These notes help the therapist to prepare for the next session and chart the progress of the patient.

It should suffice to say that the above is a broad outline of How To Conduct A Psychotherapy Session ? but the nitty-gritty of each session depends on the therapist and the patient.

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